Codex Education India is a leading e-Learning solutions company that is involved in the development of customized e-learning content for K-12 domain. Our team is experi- enced in developing the content that is enriching, highly interactive and helps students grasp the content through interesting examples in a fun way. Childhood days are the most precious and education is the best gift to a child. An easy and well-structured tutorial helps teachers to connect with the students and make them enjoy their studies. Codex Education India not only assists in K 12 curriculum content development, but also efficiently drafts concise and informative courses to create custom learning mate rial for the students.

Codex Education India understands the importance of making studies interesting and fun for the learners. We use different activities and deliverables to impart knowledge to the students using worksheets, rhymes, activity books, puzzles and videos. We create a courseware that is lively, comprehensive, informative, up-to date and interesting. We offer K12 and Pre K content development, school based and higher education content development services for the schools and colleges Confidence in our courseware training materials means confidence in your instructors' ability to effectively and successfully teach in the classroom. At CODEX Education India, we take pride in the quality of our products.

Class Subject Covered
1-5 EVS, Mathematics, English Grammar, Hindi Vyakran, GK, Computer
6-5 Science, Mathematics, English Grammar, Hindi Vyakran, History, Geography, Civics, GK, Computer r
9-10 Science, Mathematics, English Grammar, Hindi Vyakran, History, Geography Civics
11-12 Mathematics, English Grammar, Hindi Vyakran, Science ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology),Commerce ( Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics), Arts ( Geography, History, Political Science)


  • Teaching and Learning program
  • All Subjects available from 1st-12th standard.
  • Custom developed online learning app for your school.
  • User Friendly interface available on web and mobile app.
  • Pocket friendly and affordable for everyone with a payment plan available
  • Our entire program is supported with state-of-the-art published books which work in tandem with the online platform for students to attain full benefit of our program.

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Over 14,000 Minutes worth of interactive video content.
Multiple practice material available for every topic.
3D Virtual Tours, Simulations and Experiments .
speech recognition technology enabled language labs.
Easy to use app/platform available.
Game-Based Learning and Simulations.




15,000 +


26,000 +


1,500 +

Games & Stimulations