We believe in teachers professional development is one of the most effective and most beneficial methods of developing their expertise on educational technology. The principle of learning by doing is being upheld in the trainings. Our expert educationist will guide the classroom practices for teachers by keeping 2020 NEP in mind where more focus is given to skill development of children’s which is outcome based learning.

Classroom Manager

Subject Expertise

Knowledge and Skills

Teacher as a Person

ZoomKlass teachers training dedicated to producing future global educators who will not only be equipped with contemporary teaching techniques but will show a deeper understanding of teaching methodologies which they can put into practice in diverse classrooms across the globe. We believe that teachers play the pivotal role in the life of a child and their place cannot be exchanged with anyone else. That is why we feel it becomes extremely important for us to work with them.

Being ahead of the 21st Century Student

Managing Stakeholder Relationships Student Apathy Moving out of ones Comfort Zone Varied Learning Levels Student Behavior Managing Time Lack of Peer Support Curriculum.

So what kind of teachers do we need then?

Reach out to every child Commitment & Dedication Subject Mastery Excellent Management and Interpersonal, Intrapersonal Skills.

Training Structure

Collaborative learning Interactive Sessions Curriculum-based examples Self-reflection Experiential exercises Awareness Building Strategies to enhance learning and development Gaining new insights Enriching hands- on activities Customization to suit needs Learner friendly material for take-home reference

Pre Primary Teachers Traning
Pre Primary Teachers Traning

Learn by our Experience tutors in ZoomKlass.

Nursery Teachers Training
Nursery Teachers Training

Learn by our Experience tutors in ZoomKlass.

Specialized Courses
Specialized Courses

Learn by our Experience tutors in ZoomKlass.

TEFL / TESOL Courses
TEFL / TESOL Courses

Learn by our Experience tutors in ZoomKlass.

Ed. Administration & Management
Ed. Administration & Management

Learn by our Experience tutors in ZoomKlass.

Montessori Teachers Training
Montessori Teachers Training

Montessori Teachers Training

Soft Skill Training



Our Training Module offers special online / offline trainings for Schools. Our training will transform the teachers into Super-Educators. Our Training Modules are fun and teachers enjoy every moment of the learning experience. No show offs, no boring games, no useless activities, just pure transformational sessions, packed with knowledge that you can apply in your everyday life.

We offers the following training modules and many more. Any Module, any topic – we will deliver the best.

  • Lean six sigma in Education – White, yellow, Green and Black Belts

  • Prism – Expert certificate in Career Counselling and Child psychology

  • Qualities of an Effective Teacher

  • The Educator

  • Language Training for Teachers

  • Lesson Planning- have fun with lesson plans

  • ICT in Teaching and Learning

  • Developing Classroom Management skills in Teachers

  • Professional Report writing

  • CCE

  • Competency based Assessments

  • Wealth to Waste

  • What Bulletin Boards can do

  • Teaching Aids – Design your own Teaching aids.

  • Adolescence- Is so beautiful

  • Parenting workshop

  • School Events Planning

  • Cross Curricular Integration

  • Worksheets That Work

  • Differentiators

  • Effective Instructional Skills

  • Inquiry based learning

  • HOTS and COLDS

  • Developing Fine Motor skills

  • Mathemagic / Mathemania

  • Write Right

  • Circle time for Elementary, Junior and Middle grades

  • Fantastic Phonics

  • Spell Well

  • Kaushal - Workshop for Hindi teachers

  • Environmental Education

  • Approach to Teaching in Middle Grades – Subject Specific workshops

  • Approach to Teaching in Junior School –Subject specific workshops

  • Effective Study Skills and Time Management – Middle and Senior School

  • Orientations to Curriculum (Elementary, Junior, Middle and Senior)

  • Project Based Learning

  • Identifying learning disabilities and Helping those kids

  • Managing special needs in the classroom

  • Child Development

  • Leadership programme for students (TSRS)

  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma QMS

  • Magic of Gratitude

  • The Secrets of Public Speaking

  • Supervision skills for Middle management

  • Academic Administration for Top Management ( 2 days)

  • Storytelling as a Pedagogy

  • Multiple Intelligences

  • Decoding the coding of NEP 2020

  • Time management

  • Change Management

  • Crisis Management

  • Priority Management

  • Developing communication skills to make Teachers more effective

  • Positive Mindful Mantras to fight Stress

  • IQ EQ SQ VQ Understanding different Quotients that build a Child's personality

  • NEP 2020

  • Law of attraction Course

  • Advanced Meditation Course

  • Money Money Money