Brains Behind ZoomKlass

Feroz Khan


Feroz Khan is a People person | Visionary Leader | Researcher, Facilitator, Compassionate, Enthusiastic and Resourceful educationist with over 17+ years of serving India and middle East schools, by association of primer educational and technology organizations like, Aga Khan Education Service, India, Educomp Solutions, NIIT, Knowledge Hub solutions (Middle East) to integrate and implement the technology into curriculum and student learning with parents at home using latest technology tool with online learning, blended and differentiated learning model. He has dedicated his life to the cause of Purposeful Education and human experience. He also deliver career counseling, motivational session to students. Teacher’s professional development trainings, CCE, Assessment strategies, role of technology in schools to deliver the core subject competencies required to acquire by students to be a successful individual.

Godabari Mohanty


Godabari Mohanty a very passionate and dedicated teacher started her career as a government teacher in 1975. She was skilled in listening and observing which helped her student to build their skills and confidence levels. She was adaptable & able to engage her students with humor, creative lessons and a strong classroom presence. By the time she promoted as School Principal her empathy nature help her to share knowledge and experience with her teachers to understand real world learning and child psychology. She was always focused and created a stress-free learning environment for students. At retirement in 2009 by giving her precious 35 yrs of life she is & will be admired for her student’s academic excellence, co-curricular pursuits and discipline that will be a model for many others.