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One Stop Solutions

Hardware Solutions, E-Learning, ERP, Assessment tool,
Skills deelopement, Web development,
Corporate Training, Teacher Trainings.
And many more.

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Opportunity to be a part of Zoomklass Technologies - "Only company created and managed by all Educationist, to serve the nation to Excel in Skill Development as per NEP 2020." one of the unique offerings for K 12 , universities, Corporate and Govt.

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Delivering Quality Education To All - Online Live Classes

ZoomKlass believes in Skill Empowerment through technology enabled classes of academic subjects of all boards. Teachers integrate technology with their core subjects to bring out the best from students with respect to the academic performance. We emphasize blended learning models for the best of online instruction to empower student to achieve their dreams.

ZoomKlass platform provides, grade and age appropriate online tool to deliver the classes so that every student can participate attentively, no student shall be excluded during the online live class.

Alligned with NCERT Guidelines

Curriculum autonomy of the teachers and the learners, and the role of education in inculcating values among children. The textbook has been written in a self-instructional format, which provides the student-teachers with considerable scope for engaging in the processes of inquiry, critical analysis and intellectual discourse. Each chapter, in addition to the relevant content, carries learning Checks, activities, summary, review questions, and references/further readings, providing opportunities to the student-teachers to engage with those concepts.Number of scholars contributed towards development of the concept of online education with their expertise, ZoomKlass follows the same path to deliver online Live classes.

Achieve your goals with ZoomKlass

Learn the latest skills

Get ready for a career

Excellence in academics

Upskill your Education

What do Student Achive


  • Self , Peer & Formative Assessment.


  • Think pair share/values.
  • Training


  • Informal Conversation
  • Intention/Importance


  • 4C’s/Learning Experience

  • Innovative Learing Methodologies


  • Spark the Curiosity.
  • Connect to real Life.

Why Zoomklass

A cognitive, flexible and convenient online tutoring program by world’s leading E Tutoring company. We believe that online learning is an indispensable asset to any modern business and organization. Our goal is to empower your child with the knowledge, resources and skills to make him shine. Based on the flashcard paradigm , and focusing on micro- learning on-the-go, learner experience and ease of content creation, ZoomKlass is the fastest and most enjoyable route to a successful training program for students.

Interactive Online Classes by India’s top teachers

  • Cloud based training – Easier to adopt .
  • Classes as per your convenience
  • Topic wise assessment.
  • Minimum teacher and student ratio.
  • Special focus on individual students.
  • Monthly PTA meetings.
  • Completion of E certificates.
  • Weekends doubts clearing session.

Student learning Journey with ZoomKlass

Weekends & weekdays classes in small batches.

Classes delivery by experienced teachers.

Curriculum as per board standards.

Monthly assessment & doubt clearing sessions.

One-On-One Attention.

Supportive self learning content

Your Child needs the best classes after school

One-On-One attention by counselor
Motivational sessions for raising confidence that will help the child to succeed.
Provides an umbrella with the motive of one-on-one attention to every child in the group.
Conduct monthly progress report including attendance , test results and assessments.

Access to recorded clips of classes

Monitoring progress reports.

Work smart and see the magic happen

Online tuition classes are as good as classroom

An interactive, well-structured and peaceful online home tuition.

90 minutes session per subject

Hands on learning.

Practice by doing

Doubt clearing sessions

Monthly assessment and PTA

Proven to accelerate subject expertise

Flexible curriculum platform

Flexibility to centralize & customize their approach to content-area, standards-aligned learning anytime, anywhere.

Assured acceleration platform

Ensure all students especially the most vulnerable, continue to accelerate learning in literacy and math to close the gap.

Dynamic professional services

Best practices for remote instruction with results-driven coaching delivered by professionals to ensure optimal outcomes.